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About Us

QPTUSA International Corp. was born in Miami on July, 2002 with the idea of providing a more efficient service to its customers as well as offering a more effective support system to the companies it represents such as PennBarry, Lloyd Industries, Bonomi, Griswold, Tuttle & Bailey, Flo Fab, Tri Dim Filter Corporation, Envira North, Amcot, and more throughout the Caribean, Central and South American markets.

With the experience already acquired through its sister company operating in South America, the decision was taken to locate our company in the city of Miami, thus establishing a mid point between manufacturers and consumers in both directions. We sell a diversity of products which demand common logistic solutions directed to the industry in general.

We act as either distributors for some brands or representatives for some others; in addition, we operate as purchasing agents for those customers so desiring.