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Spiral Duct Grilles


The SDG series (spiral duct grilles) are designed to mount directly onto spiral duct no matter what the application. Models with radius endcaps (R) are designed with curved endcaps that allow the grilles to mount flush to the duct. Models with universal endcaps (U) are constructed with straight endcaps and gasketing to mount directly to the duct regardless of duct diameter. Both models provide a clean, low-profile appearance and reduce installation costs. These grilles are available as single and double deflection supply models or perforated supply/return models. Universal endcaps accommodate multiple duct diameters, thus minimizing stocking requirements.

A50SDG-R, A60SDG-R: Single Deflection, Radius Endcaps

A50SDG-U, A60SDG-U: Single Deflection, Universal Endcaps

A54SDG-R, A64SDG-R: Double Deflection, Radius Endcaps

A54SDG-U, A64SDG-U: Double Deflection, Universal Endcaps

APSDG-R: Perforated Return Spiral Grille, Radius Endcaps

APSDG-U: Perforated Return Spiral Grille, Universal Endcaps


• Radius or universal endcap design for a clean, low-profile appearance

• Extruded aluminum construction

• A50SDG-R, A50SDG-U: Horizontal face blades

• A60SDG-R, A60SDG-U: Vertical face blades

• A54SDG: Horizontal face blades, vertical rear blades

• A64SDG: Vertical face blades, horizontal rear blades

• Countersunk screw holes & mounting screws

• Standard finish is white (WH) or satin anodized (SA)

• APSDG-R, APSDG-U:Perforated face has 63% free area