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R717: Ammonia Compressor Fluid:

R-717 – Product Guide

  • Series R717 is specifically designed for use in Ammonia Refrigeration Systems. Designed to meet and exceed all OEM speci-fications, Series R717 provides reduced oil consumption, excellent cold temperature operations and a very long fluid life.
  • Series R717’s high viscosity index and advanced technology additive package leads to excellent low temperature fluidity.
  • Unlike most competitive fluids, Series R717 can be formulated to meet your specific operating conditions.Variations of Series R717
    • Series R717-LT: -55OF Pour Point
    • Series R-717XLT: -76OF Pour Point
    • Series R717AC-FG: Food Grade Formulation

RPOE Based Lubricant

RPOE – Product Guide

  • Series utilizes a proprietary combination of advanced friction modifiers and anti-wear additives that bond to the metal surfaces inside refrigeration compressors. This creates an extra layer of protection and lubrication that dramatically reduces friction and wear, and results in in- creased compressor efficiency, energy savings, and extended compressor life.