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Laminar Flow Diffuser TENSOR


Clean spaces and clean rooms are used in a multitude of modern industries such as the production of microelectronic devices, pharmaceutical manufacturing, biotechnology research, and the hospital and healthcare industry. These applications require laminar flow diffusers that perform to the highest standards. Advanced Tuttle & Bailey TENSOR™ laminar flow diffusers are specifically designed to exceed the stringent requirements of clean rooms and clean spaces. TENSOR™ diffusers deliver uniform air patterns to cleanse the environment and displace contaminants.

• Three basic styles: Standard, Subplenum and HEPA models

1. Standard: 4” low-profile backpan and inlet cone baffle

2. Subplenum: 8” deep backpan and features an additional chamber and distribution baffle

3. HEPA Model: 8” deep backpan which accommodates a 2” HEPA filter (only available in aluminum and stainless steel)

• Available in cold rolled steel, aluminum or stainless steel (304)

• Heavy duty backpan

• Two-inch high inlet collar to permit a secure duct connection

• One-piece perforated flush face

• Stainless steel quarter turn fasteners for easy removal of face

• Two safety cables attached to the backpan and face provide safety for the installer and prevent product damage

• Convenient room-side replacement of filters