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ENERGY STAR® Qualified Inline Exhaust Fan Kits


ILK14: 130 CFM, 4″ Ducting, Single Inlet

ILK16: 240 CFM, 6″ Ducting, Single Inlet

ILK24: 130 CFM, 4″ Ducting, Dual Inlet

ILK26: 240 CFM, 6″ Ducting, Dual Inlet


Excellent ASHRAE 62.2 solution

ENERGY STAR® qualified

Can be used to comply with California Title 24 requirements

Can be used to comply with the ventilation standards required by LEED for Homes

Includes IL series power unit.

Easily installs using the double thick keyhole mounting tabs.

Integrated balancing damper allows you to set airflow without needing to access
the main power unit that is typically loacted in the attic.

Includes zip ties for ducting connections.

Able to be expanded with additional inlets (available separately).

HVI Certified performance.