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Duct Board


Owens Corning® QuietR® Duct Board is a rigid, resin bonded fibrous glass board with a tough, damage-resistant, flame retardant, reinforced aluminum foil (FRK) facing; with a durable mat air stream surface.


  • Absorbs noise and reduces popping noises caused by expansion, contraction and vibration
  • Assured thermal R-value performance
  • Bacterial and fungal growth resistant with an EPA registered biocide that helps protect the air stream surface from microbial growth
  • Thermal/acoustical insulation board plus jacket forms a single component duct system, thus reducing inspection time
  • Lightweight boards are easier to transport and handle than insulated sheet metal ducts
  • Virtually eliminates air leakage thus saving energy and removing the need for system overdesign

QUIETR Duct Board – Data Sheet