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Big Round Diffuser


The P3 (steel), AP3 (aluminum) diffusers are designed for use in large open spaces where high volumes of heated or cooled air are required, such as department stores, malls, and convention halls. The P3, AP3 provides two horizontal discharge settings. At position 1, maximum capacity is obtained. At position 2, induction is increased. All P3, AP3 diffusers have three cones, giving a uniform appearance regardless of design specifications. The inner core assembly is not only adjustable, but is also removable for easy access during installation. The safety cable on neck sizes 12” and larger allows the inner core assembly to hang during maintenance or access to duct/ damper.

Available in steel (P3) or Aluminum (AP3) construction • Center core is adjustable for different air patterns and removable for easy duct access • Spring lock mechanism allows easy removal and replacement of inner core assembly • Retainer (safety) cables are standard on neck sizes 12” and greater • Standard finish is white (WH).

See Catalog for more information.