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Air Compressor


Air Compressor – Product Guide

Sumoil lubricants are formulated to withstand the most punishing
temperatures and pressures encountered in modern air
compressors. We take into account the environments you may
encounter in the field (such as extreme heat or cold), the discharge
temperatures of the systems, and numerous other factors
that may affect the lubrication of an air compressor. It’s how we
help engineer your success.
Performance advantages
• Maximum additive benefits for oxidative resistance, wear
protection, carbon/varnish control and more
• Unmatched capacity to solubilize additives
• All products proven to excel in customers’ real-world
conditions, including tough environments such as:
»» Hot and humid southeastern United States
»» Extremely hot and arid southwestern United States
»» Freezing cold northern Canada and Antarctica
• Extended fluid life
• All products rated at 100% fluid life at 212°F (100°C)
• Readily separates from water to minimize rusting
and viscosity dilution
• Enhanced wear protection that will not diminish fluid life or
corrode components